Analysis of ‘The Happiest Days of Your Life’ | Engelsk Opgave

“‘Next term we´ll mash you’”. (P.58, lines 27)
With this comment from one of the boys attending the boarding school, the author Penelope Lively tries to frighten Charles.
The phrase one of the boys uses “‘we always mash new boys’ “shows that they ‘mash’ new pupils, like it is a ritual of some kind, and punish those who are new.

The happiest days of your life is a short story written by the award-winning author Penelope Margaret Lively.
The short story is about a boy named Charles and his parents visiting a boarding school in southern England, where Charles is supposed to start. The parents are obsessed with this school and are determined, that their little boy will be a pupil there. While the parents speak with the headmaster of the school, the headmasters very kind wife show Charles around, and introduces him to the other boys who also attend the school. But they were far from as kind and welcoming as the headmaster’s wife.

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