Analysis of Goldhawk

Analytical Essay

Immigration is a difficult journey as it takes getting used to a new culture and a different environment. In the short story Goldhawk Dinara has to not only overcome this but also the diversity and sexism that haunts the American workplace.

The story takes place at a company in North America. The environment that Dinara works in is hostile towards women, which is clear by her male coworkers’ view of her.

They talk ill of her behind her back and look down upon her: ”She survived. Her colleagues did not like her for it.”. ́” (p. 1. l. 9). This kind of disrespect towards women is found at a lot of workplaces in America, also referred to as the glass ceiling.

Dinara has roots in the East, which is arguable given that she pictures her childhood with her mother wearing a scarf talking ill of the West.

The short story is by a third person narrator with an objective point of view. However, the main point of view is with Dinara as she is considered the main character.

Dinara is an immigrant who is arguably from the East as she understands Hebrew (p.2 l. 75).

Another factor that indicates that she is from the East is that when she thinks of her mother and her own childhood she hints that her mother hates the West: “her mother (...) would have simply shaken her head at the insanity of the West.” (p. 2 l. 58-59).

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