Analysis and interpretation of “The Pill Pusher” by Carolyn A. Drake


“And I smile genuinely for the first time today”, is a quote from the short story “The pill pusher” by Carolyn A. Drake. The short story is published in 2016 and revolved around a pharmacist, who, in the beginning of the story, is feeling unsatisfied and disappointed with her education and job.

The story is narrated in the present tense by a first-person narrator, who, throughout the story, gradually has a revelation and solves an inner conflict.

The style of writing in the story is fiction, which means the short story is not based on history or facts. The structure of the short story is chronological and the composition of the story is the Hollywood model.

The prelude is the first line of the story, which begins in medias-res, “Around 12:43 p.m., I realize that I have made a $70,000 mistake”. The presentation is from line 2 to 11, where we first are introduced to the main character, the narrator, and the customer, who the narrator refers to as “Bug Eyes”.

The elaboration is from line 12 to 37, where we get a better understanding of where we are and what is happening.

The point of no return start at line 38 when the narrator says “I’ll have to handle this.”, realizing there is no going back. The conflict starts at line 47, where the narrator and the customer interaction quickly escalate into an argument when the customer says “You’ve got to be kidding me.” (l. 54).

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