An essay of Maggie Cobett’s ”Not wanted”

“Not wanted” is a love story waiting to be read, yet the ending is quite the opposite of loving. We start the story about hearing about our main character, Osman.

Osman starts off working for a mean hotel-owner who practically pays his employees with breadcrumbs. It is a sad life for Osman, being the oldest in the family, living in Turkey, working for a mean employer and not earning enough for his family.

Theme and message

On her trip she meets a 19-year-old boy working at the hotel she is staying at, as we know, that boy is Osman.

She falls for him, but she does not have the same intent as him, she is a teacher and much older than him. She is just looking for a quick fling while she is on vacation. Osman obviously takes this more seriously than it is.

Osman asks her on a date and she agrees, they eat at the hotel-restaurant, and Osman is obviously knows there, so they get one of the best tables there.

When Liz goes home, Osman gives her his number so they can rekindle their love when she gets home, but she does not call, so Osman takes a loan and goes to Leeds to search for her.

He finds the address and she opens the door; Osman feels not wanted and goes away, he goes homeless for a couple of days until he finds a job, and proceeds to live in England and sends money back to his family.

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