American Factory | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

“The conditions are not favorable. Doing the same thing over and over again. That Wears on you. Body, mind. Sometimes you think.

“Why am I doing this?”. You think about whether you have the stamina and the will to do this type of job”- Robert “Bobby” .

The quote is from Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert’s nonfiction movie American Factory (2019) describing the harsh mental and physical working environment at the factory Fuyao in Dayton, Ohio.

The documentary thematizes a nuanced depiction of cultural differences between the Chinese leadership and American workers, as well as the challenges caused by globalization and automation.

There are several themes in American Factory, and here, among other things, cultural acceptance is one of the major themes.

The film depicts the approaches of the two different cultures to work and it focuses on the major differences between American and Chinese work ethic.

In addition, it provides a surprising insight into how globalization and job losses affect workers, society and the future of work.

Therefore, the clash of cultures is also depicted in both a clash between "American" and "Chinese" cultures, but also a clash of labor market cultures in the workplace.

The underlying message the documentary tries to communicate is that the American dream failed and created all the time this false hope that Fuyao offers.

The message of the film is conveyed by several scenes where you get close to the individual workers such as ”When GM closed, I foreclosed on my house.

Ever since then, I have struggled to try to get back to middle class again. I’ve been living in my sister’s basement[…]” .

This example clarifies how the American dream failed and how workers must compromise on hope.

Bognar and Julia Reichert will educate people about the problems faced by blue-collar workers in the US, including automation

pressed wages and hard work all of which are contributing factors to destroying every American's dream. To support the problem, the appeal form, pathos, is primarily used to touch the recipient's feelings.

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