America first | Donald Trump | Essay

A big part of the policy of the 45th president of America, Donald Trump, is based on the fact that he wants America to come first.

All actions should be focused on benefiting the US and therefore its businesses and people no matter if you’re a consumer, worker or producer.

One of Trump’s ideas to make this thought a reality was to put tariffs on a lot of foreign products. Chinese products especially have been hit by these taxes.

Tariffs are additional taxes on imported goods. It is used to drive up the price on foreign products .

It is as mentioned turning people to buy more of the national produced products, but it can also cause relation and trade wars between the countries, who put each other under the pressure of the tariffs .

Lately Trump has been putting a lot of tariffs on especially Chinese products, which has caused China to answer by putting tariffs on American products .

This is a dangerous game for both parts, but a lot of products used by American brands such as Apple are produced in China .

But actually the US has been a part of the so called “Liberal World Order” , which is a global economic security arrangement between a lot of countries, for many years.

America itself was the one leading to create these arrangements back in the time during World War Two as a part of many global arrangements such as WTO

NATO, the UN, which all were created in the believe that it would later help prevent wars or other conflicts between countries .

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