America First | Debating essay | 10 i karakter

Since Trump has been elected as president of the United States one of his priorities has been to strengthen the American economy.

The Trump administration believes that the reason that the employment rate has declined the recent years, is due to the free trade – Hence the complaining about the Liberal World Order.

Trump’s “America First” policy seems to be affecting the United States more negatively than we may think, but Trump believes that the USA will come out on top.

According to Trump, America has enriched foreign industry at the expense of the American the industry for many decades and now it´s time to place America at first in every possible situation.

The “America First” policy has given a lot of companies extra cost while they produced the same amount of goods as they did before.

This extra cost endangers their competitiveness. The companies are now forced to pay tariffs, but instead of paying it themselves, they pass it on to the consumers.

Trump has been in a trade war with China, and that has resulted in many people being left jobless, and fewer jobs being created. Trump has planned tariffs on the majority of Chinese goods.

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