In August 2017, Donald J. Trump won the presidential election becoming the 45th U.S president.

He promised a change in America's direction, and he settled with a policy stance that had been used before him by previous U.S. presidents. “America First” refers to a foreign policy in the United States that generally emphasizes isolationism.

But despite that, from an objective standpoint, Trump has since his presidency helped strengthen the American economy significantly.

The Trump administration has created nearly 3 million jobs, and the unemployment rate has fallen to a substantial 3.8 percent - matching the lowest level in nearly 50 years.

Consumer and business confidence and optimism have risen tremendously.

American manufacturing is thriving, with manufacturers expecting record levels of employment growth, capital investment, and inventory growth in a recent survey.

Not to mention the stock market that has provided significant yields and higher levels, never witnessed in American history.