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The sentence “America first” was presented and initiated by the 45th century president Donald Trump on his first day.

The main point behind “America first” is to put America first, which gives them benefits in terms of foreign relations and competition.

Donald Trump's campaigns throughout the presidential election in 2016 were focusing towards “Make America great again”, which led him to be the president.

In the last 4 years the economy has increased by 3,4% and the unemployment rate has fallen by 3,9% , but is everything as good as it seems? Are the consequences only positive or is there more cost than benefit?

In addition to this it is clear that consumers and workers are affected and suffering because of the tariffs. It appears that “protecting a few narrow industries can generate much broader costs. Not least, consumers now have to pay more for everyday goods” .

This shows that Donald Trump accommodates a few narrow industries more than the consumers and workers. But even though he had good intentions, this will be more remarkable than he first thought.

It appears that “One 2017 paper estimated that a 10 percent across-the-board increase in tariffs on imported goods would cost the poorest 20 percent of earners $300 a year” .

This quote shows that by increasing the tariffs it will be more costly for the Americans to live but especially for the poor people. But it is not only the consumerswho are affected by the increasing tariffs.

Some businesses are also feeling the pressure by the tariffs, - “The metals tariffs, for example, mean that manufacturers of cars, aircraft and tractors all have to pay more to produce their goods” .

Because of this the manufacturers of cars, aircraft and tractors are forced to sell their products to higher prices, because they need to make profit.

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