A wasted hour

The short story “A Wasted Hour” Is written by the author Jeffrey Archer and was published in 2017 with his collection “Tell Tale”

The story is about a young girl named Kelly who study at Stanford College. throughout the last three years Kelly hitchhiked her way back to College when she had been home. She did that because of two reasons. First of all she wanted to save the money it would cost to take the bus or train as her dad recently was fired from his work and barely could afford the tickets2 but also because she wanted to be a writer when she graduated and therefore she liked getting exciting life stories from the people she met on her way.

The story takes place in California between Salinas and Palo Alto. Almost the whole story takes place in John’s car, a pre-war Studebaker, though a lot of other places is also mentioned in the story, like Vietnam . We know that the story takes place later than 1963 as John tells Kelley how he met John F. Kennedy. There seems to be a good atmosphere in the car as the conversation between Kelley and John starts almost immediately.

The main characters in the short story are John and Kelley as they are the only two characters we get to know. Other characters like Kelley’s parents and John’s wife are only just briefly mentioned and doesn’t really have an impact on the story.

Kelley is the main character in the story whose full name is Kelly Ragland. She studies Modern American literature at Stanford University. We don’t get any further description of Kelley other than her thoughts and the way she acts, which we as a reader can use to create our own description of Kelley. The first thing we learn about Kelley is that she likes to hitchhike back to college when she’s been home. She seems to have a pretty good relationship with her parent, even though she doesn’t tell them that she hitchhikes back to college. “Her father would drive her to the station on the first day of term”.

One of the reasons why she hitchhikes also tell us that she cares about her family and how much they care about her as they had sacrifices a lot for her to go to college “In any case he and Ma had already made quite enough sacrifices to ensure she could attend college, without causing them any further expense”. Even though she keeps the truth from her parents, she does it because she care about the and doesn’t want to hurt them.

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