In this essay, there will be an analysis focusing on the narration, point of view, characterization, themes, and message in the short story "A Wasted Hour" by Jeffrey Archer. In closing, there will be a conclusion.

"A Wasted Hour", tells the story of a young aspiring female writer named Kelley that studies at Stanford University. During the last three years, she has thumbed a lift back to campus from the station her father drops her off at. Not only to save money but also to meet different people with exciting stories to tell. In this story, she encounters the most fascinating person yet, with a unique story to tell, on the ride back to College.

The short story is told through an unknown third-person objective narrator that does not share feelings or thoughts with the reader but acts as an observer with limited knowledge and point of view. This can be told as the narrator only observes and offers insight into Kelly's life and background along with her thoughts and feelings–but does not have access to John's perspective. This can be noticed right at the beginning of the two main characters' interaction: "'Thanks for stopping', she said. 'My name's Kelley.' 'John', he replied, taking one hand off the wheel to shake hands with her.

The rough hands of a farm labourer, was her first thought."- (p.2 l 49-51). Through this meeting, we get a quick look at Kelley's thoughts, but we do not get any insight on John's speculations or feelings. These the reader can only see through Kelley's perspective.