A Wasted Hour By Jeffrey Archer

We probably see and meet strangers every day. Here we do often, from how they may look or how they act, think we know more things about them. You would say, that we often judge the book by its cover.

By time we may learn, that being observant is not always enough to judge the one we are speaking to. This is the case of the young girl Kelley, we meet in the short story ‘’A wasted hour’’ and a subject that the author Jeffrey Archer sets focus on.

In the short story “A Wasted Hour” we meet Kelley who is a student at Stanford University, Cali- fornia. She has been visiting her parents, and is now on her way back to university. Kelley always hitchhiked back to University to save money and meet new people, even though her parents did not like it.

This day she got picked up by a man named John, and found out that they had more in common than thought at first sight.

The text starts in medias res, where Kelley is hitchhiking her way back to University. Which catches the reader immediately.

The story is told in 3rd person omniscient narrator, as we see in the quote: “Kelley gave him another look and wondered if the car would ever move out of third gear. “(l. 61) The characters are described indirectly by their actions, which appears in the quote: “Kelley also had golden rules about who she wouldn’t accept a ride from.

Truck drivers were top of the list as they only ever had one thing on their mind.” (ll.18-19) Which also tells us that she is reasonable. Furthermore, the text is very descriptive.

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