‘A wasted hour’ by Jeffrey Archer | Analytical essay

In this assignment, the focus on will be pointed towards five topics, narration and point of view, characterization, the theme in the text, and what message the text is trying to express. The analy-sis will be rounded off with a conclusion.

First of all, we want to know something about the writer of the text, his name is Jeffrey Archer. He is an English novelist. Before he became an author, he was a politician.

His breakthrough hap-pened with the text “Not a Penny More, not a Penny less”, which was released in the middle of the 70’s. Since this novel, he has released a lot of novels, including this novel “A Wasted Hour”.

Kelley is the key figure in the text, she is the one we are following throughout the text, and the point of view is with her. Her full name is Kelley Ragland, p. 4, l. 143.

In the story she is travelling from her parents’ house in Salinas to Stanford University. We do not get a description of Kelley’s appearance, so throughout the text, we have no image of her appearance and the reader there-fore has to create their own image of Kelley through her thoughts and feelings, throughout the text.

The first thing we learn about Kelley is that she is hitching her way to her University, without her parent’s knowledge.

She is hitching, because of the financial situation in the family, her dad had just been fired, and she does not want to be a burden for them. This show a kind and caring side of Kelley.

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