‘A wasted hour’ by Jeffrey Archer | Analysis | 10 i karakter

Life is full of new experiences and every day we learn something new. Sometimes the best experiences come when you’re least expecting it.

This short story “A wasted hour” by Jeffrey Archer is a great example of this. Jeffery Archer is an English author and is known for his fiction

short stories and non-fiction, and one of the best-selling authors and has accomplished a international sale passing 275 million copies.

Firstly, we hear about Kelley who is the main character in this short story who is an aspiring writer. Kelley lives near Salinas where she lives with her parents, (P. 1, 13)

and she studies Modern American literature at Stanford College, (P. 2, l 52). The short story starts off with Kelley hitchhiking so she then can get a ride to her college instead of taking the bus or train, (P. 1, l 1-2).

Kelley’s reasons for this are so she can save money and help her parent who is paying for her school.

Her father was laid off from his work at a water company which makes it hard for her parents to pay for her school, (P.1, l. 6-10).

This shows that Kelley has a close relationship with her parent and does not want them to struggle with finances when it comes to her school.

Her second reason for hitchhiking is that she can meet new fascinating people with quite unique stories which she hopes will help her later on in life when she becomes a writer, (P. 1, l. 11-14).

Even though it might seem careless of Kelley to hitchhike by complete strangers, Kelley is actually rather safe as she has set some rules of who she wants to get a ride from and who she will definitely not get a ride from, (P. 1, l. 18-21).

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