This assignment will first introduce the author Jeffrey Archer and his short story: "Wasting an Hour". After that, an analysis will focus on narratives and viewpoints, characteristics, themes and information. There will be a conclusion at the end.

Jeffrey Archer is a British novelist and former statesman. Before becoming a best-selling author, Archer was a member of Congress.

After the financial scandal in 1974, he made his first appearance as a writer and published a story: "Don't make a penny more, and don't make a penny less" as a means to avoid bankruptcy.

Kelley has no external descriptors, therefore the reader must create an image of her based on her inner character, which is built through her thoughts, language, and actions.

One of the first things we learn about Kelley is that she likes to hitchhike to college without her parents' knowledge.

Despite concealing the facts from them, she appears to have a good relationship with them. Consider the case below:

”Her father would drive her to the station on the first day of term...” - (p. 1, . 3). We also find that one of the main reasons she hitchhikes is to relieve financial strain on her family, since her father was recently laid off. (p.1, line 8)

Kelley also believes that her parents have made enormous sacrifices already, and she does not want to add to their burden: “In any case he and Ma had already made quite enough sacrifices to ensure she could attend college...” – (p. 1, l. 8-9).

Kelley's gratitude for her parents is evident in this, as is her willingness to repay them in any manner she can.

We also learn that Kelley is an aspiring writer (p. 1, l. 11) and that she is open to expanding her horizons in order to improve as a writer Her drive to become a great writer, on the other hand, does not make her reckless.

Kelley has established some ground rules around who she will accept a ride from and who she will not accept a ride from when hitchhiking. This demonstrates Kelley's eagerness to learn without causing any mishaps.