A Wasted Hour | Analytical essay

This assignment will first introduce the author Jeffrey Archer and his short story: "Wasting an Hour". After that, an analysis will focus on narratives and viewpoints, characteristics, themes and information. There will be a conclusion at the end.

The narrator has an objective standpoint, because he does not share his feelings or thoughts with the reader, but acts as an observer, following her in different events in Kelly's life.

This can be seen at the beginning of the interaction of the two protagonists: “’Thanks for stopping’, she said. ‘My name’s Kelley.’’John’, he replied, taking one hand off the wheel to shake hands with her.

The rough hands of a farm labourer, was her first thought.”- (p.2, l. 49-51). Here we get a brief look at Kelley's contemplations yet the storyteller doesn't offer any knowledge on John's considerations or sentiments.

These, the peruser needs to see through the discourse and different depictions of John seen according to Kelley's viewpoint. Kelley and John are the two main characters in "A Wasted Hour."

Kelley's parents and other people Kelley has met while hitchhiking are also mentioned, but none of them play an important role in the plot. Kelley is the protagonist of “A Wasted Hour”.

Her full name is Kelley Ragland (p. 4, l. 143), and she is currently studying Modern American literature at Stanford University (p. 2, l. 52). In the story she travels from her parents’ house in Salinas to Stanford College.

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