‘A Wasted Hour’ | Analytical essay

This assignment will include an introduction by Jeffrey Archer and a short introduction of his short story “A Waste Hour” Further this an analysis focusing on the narration and point of view, characterization, theme(s) and message.

A Wasted Hour is a short story, written by Jeffrey Archer. Jeffrey Archer is an English novelist and a former politician.

Before becoming an author, Archer was a Member of parliament (1969–1974). Archer debuted as an author with the story “Not a penny more, not a penny less”.

Kelly is a very adventurous girl, this is seen in different fx. when she tumbles to get to school. Kelly tumbles not only to save money but also because she hopes to meet some exciting people who can tell her about their life experience.

In this story, Kelley encounters a rather fascinating man who will form the basis of the story. The story uses a third - person narrator this is seen when Kelley has to get out of the car to sit at the front seat.

Because the narrator point of view gives us insight to Kelley´s life and backstory and describe her feelings, but the narrator cannot describe Johns perspective.

I can also argument for a first-person narrator when the author uses direct communication, between the two people in the story.

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