A wasted hour | Analytical Essay

I will begin the assignment by introducing the author, Jeffrey Archer, and his story: “A Wasted Hour”.

Following this, I will be analyzing the narration and point of view and also characterization, themes and message. In the end, there will be a conclusion.

Jeffrey Archer is a novelist and former politician. He was a member of the Parliament until 1974, and then he decided to become an author.

The reader does not get that much information of Kelley, and therefore we have to create an image of her in our heads through her inner character which is being shaped through her thoughts, actions and language.

The first thing we learn about Kelley is that she hitchhikes to school without her parents knowing. Even though her parents don’t know that, she stills have a good relationship with them.

For example, on page 1, line 3 the story tells us that her father would drive her to the station on the first day of term. We also learn that that she hitchhikes. The reason for that is not to burden her family financially as her father got fired from his job. (page 1, line 1-8).

Kelley feels that her parents have already made enough sacrifices for her (page 1 line 8-9) This shows how grateful Kelley is for her parents and what they have done for her.

We also learn that Kelley is an aspiring writer (page 1 line 1,11) and that she wants to broaden her horizons in order to become an even better writer.

But still, the lust of become a great writer does not mean that she is being incautions. While hitchhiking Kelley has set some rules for herself dictating who she will and who she will not get in a car with.

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