”A Wasted Hour” Analytical Essay

People tend to be affected by others and their stories, especially in the early part of their life. Some people are reserved and are focused on themselves, where others can’t get enough of learning, whether it’s about life in general, or others’ lives and stories.

In the short story “A Wasted Hour” by Jeffery Archer, it is clearly expressed how some are not afraid to take a leap of faith and get experience in life, as well as learn in order to fulfill one’s dreams, and how this is easier with if you are open-minded.

I the short story “A Wasted Hour” we meet a college student from Stanford University named Kelley, who wants to be a writer someday.

Instead of taking the bus or the train to the college, she has for the past 3 years thumbed a ride, not only to save the money but also in hope of meeting interesting people and learning about them and their stories, as she is told, this is important, if she wants to be a great writer.

The story is told by an unknown third-person narrator. The narrator observes Kelley throughout the story and has access to her thoughts and feelings fx. when the trip to the college is coming to an end, Kelley says: “‘What an amazing life you’ve led,’ said Kelley, who was disappointed the journey was coming to an end.” (l. l37-138).

The narrator’s knowledge is limited, since it does not have any knowledge about John’s thoughts and feelings

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