‘A wasted hour’ | Analytical essay | 12 i karakter

I will begin the assignment by introducing the author, Jeffrey Archer, and his story: “A Wasted Hour”.

Following this, I will be analyzing the narration and point of view and also characterization, themes and message. In the end, there will be a conclusion.

Jeffrey Archer is a novelist and former politician. He was a member of the Parliament until 1974, and then he decided to become an author.

Here we get to read some of Kelley’s thoughts, but the narrator does not offer any of Johns thoughts or feelings. We, as readers have to observe through the dialogue and other descriptions of John seen from Kelley’s perspective.

The main characters in “A Wasted Hour” are Kelley and John. The narrator also mentions Kelley’s parents and other people Kelley has met while hitchhiking, but none of the people mentioned before have played any important role in the story.

Kelley’s full name is Kelley Ragland (page 4, line 143) and she is studying Modern American literature at Stanford University. In the story Kelley travels from her parents’ house to Stanford University.

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