‘A wasted hour’ | Analytical essay | 12 i karakter

Through a whole lifetime, we get to experience lots of different things. We go through different stages of life from our comfy childhood to the wild teenage years, midlife crisis, the family life and so on.

Each step of our life has a big impact of who we become as a person. The persons we meet and the places we see, also have an impact on us, and as the years go on, we develop as a person. Especially the people we meet on our way changes us.

Every time she needs to go back to college; she hitchhikes her way there. She meets interesting people willing to tell their life stories, despite of the differences between them and her.

On the way, this time, she gets in the car with a man named John. They talk back and forth, and quickly finds out they both share the same love for books.

Along that she hears about his life and shares her dream with him. Her intention is to collect as much experience as possible, so she can get what it takes to become a writer.

Therefore, it is implied that Kelly is independent, extrovert and focused on what she wants. By the way she thumbs her way to college, even though she knows her parents would not approve of it.

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