A Wasted Hour | Analytical essay

“Get as much experience of the world and people as you can…”
“A wasted hour” is a short story written by Jeffrey Archer. The short story was published in Jeffrey Archer’s short story collection “Tell Tale” in October 2017.

The short story is one out of 12 stories in Jeffrey Archer’s collection. Jeffrey Archer is a bestselling English author and former politician.

Archer was first recognized as a literary figure after the publication of his first book, “Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less” in 1976 .

The narrator of the story is a third person narrator with a limited point of view. The narrator is character-bound to Kelley, this can be seen as the narrator has access to Kelley’s thoughts only.

“‘John,’ he replied, taking one hand off the wheel to shake hands with her. The rough hands of a farm laborer was her first thought. What are you majoring in, Kelley?’ he asked.”

John’s thoughts and feelings are not presented throughout the story, only his actions are narrated. The narrator acts as an observer but from Kelley’s point of view.

This makes Kelley the main character of the story. She’s a student studying at Stanford majoring in Modern American literature. Every morning she thumbs a ride to Stanford.

Not only to save money but also to gain knowledge on life experiences. “Her supervisor had told her on numerous occasions that if she wanted to be a writer she would have to get some experience of life, especially other people’s lives…”

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