‘A wasted hour’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

“A wasted hour” is a short story written by Jeffrey Archer. The short is about a young girl called Kelley, who is a student in Stanford. She wants to be a writer and in the short story, she is driven to Stanford by a fascinating man.

Throughout the trip, she asked him the wrong questions and thus wasted an hour asking him wrong questions. We have all tried to waste our time instead of learning something new

which also applies to Kelley, who could learn a lot from the trip if she asked him the right questions.

Kelley is the protagonist of the short story “A wasted hour”. Her full name is Kelley Ragland and she is studying Modern American literature at Stanford University, because she wants to be a writer.

When she goes to Stanford University, she travels from her parents’ house in Salinas. Kelley likes to hitchhike to college without her parent’s knowledge.

There are two reasons why she is hitchhiking. The first reason is for financial reasons because her father has been fired from his job and the family is clearly not rich.

Kelley thinks her parents have already sacrificed a lot for her, so she does not want additional costs for them. “In any case he and Ma had already made quite enough sacrifices to ensure she could attend college” (ll. 8-9).

This quote tells how grateful Kelley is to her parents and how important they are to her and therefore does she not want additional costs for them.

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