A Wasted Hour | Analytical Essay | 10 i karakter

A wasted hour is a short story written by Jeffery Archer. It was published on
September 5th, 2017. Jeffery was born in 1940 and was an English author and former politician.

Before he became a famous bestselling author, he was a member of the British parliament from 1969-1974.

She then meets a guy named John, who drives a pre-war Studebaker. She agrees to drive with him to Stanford.

On the road to Stanford, John had a lot of stories he had experienced throughout his life. John met all her most stringent requirements: over sixty, wearing a wedding ring, well-spoken and polite.

When they arrive at Stanford, she then finds out that John Steinbeck, who is her favorite author.

A wasted hour is told by an unknown third-person narrator. The narrator observes Kelley and has access to her thoughts.

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