‘A Wasted Hour’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

This assignment will begin with introducing the author, Jeffrey Archer, and the short story “A wasted hour”.

Following this, there will be developed an analysis focused on the narration, point of view, characterization, themes and message, and lastly a conclusion on the story.

Jeffrey Archer is an English novelist and short story writer. He was also a former politician and before he became one of the best selling authors.

He was a part of the Parliament until 1974, when he then decided to be an author. The short story “A wasted hour” tells the story of a young Stanford student named Kelley who is an aspiring writer.

She has for the past three years thumbed a lift to campus, not just to save money for her family, but also in expectation to meet people with a lot of experience in their lives with hopefully thrilling stories to tell her.

In the story she encounters a fascinating man named John, who has a very interesting life with many stories to tell Kelley about.

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