‘A Wasted Hour’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

The text “A Wasted Hour” is written by a man named Jeffrey Archer. it is about a girl called Kelley Ragland who studies at Stanford College in California.

Kelley has a dream about being a writer and therefore she has thumbed to school the last three years. Not just for the money but also for listening to other people’s life stories and to get experiences for her writings. (p.1 l 12-15).

In this analysis I will write about settings, characterization, narration and point of view, themes and message.

The narrator of the text uses three different narrative modes: indirect speech, direct speech and description.

Description is when the narrator describes what happens in a specific situation by himself instead of reporting what other people says.

In the text he uses description when he describes John Steinbeck’s look from the top to the bottom and with details like a cigarette hanging out of his mouth:

“While he looked to hi left and concentrated on getting back onto the road, she took a closer look at him.

He had mousy grey hair, a sallow, lined complexion, like well-worn leather, and the only thing she didn’t like was the cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth.

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