A Wasted Hour | Analytic Essay | 10 i Karakter

“A Wasted Hour” is a short story, published in October 2017, by the author Jeffry Archer. Jeffry Archer was born in 1940

and was an English author and politician. Before he became a bestselling author, he was in the British parliament from 1969 to 1974.

“A Wasted Hour” is a story about a young student at Stanford. She is named Kelley, and is an aspiring writer.

The most important characters are Kelley Ragland and John (Steinbeck). The other characters are briefly mentioned

such as Kelly's parents and some of the people she has met while hitchhiking, but none of these have played any significant role in the story.

The protagonist of “A Wasted Hour” is Kelly. Her full name is Kelley Ragland, and she is studying Modern American literature at Stanford University.

In the last three years, she has hitchhiked to her school campus from her home in Salinas, without her parents knowing.

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