A Wasted Hour | Analyse

The short story, “A Wasted Hour” is written by Jeffrey Archer, who is an English novelist. In 2017 he released a collection of stories, where the story we know and love “A Wasted hour” was included.

In this story I am going to be focusing on the characterization of our main characters, the point of view, themes, what message he’s trying to get through to the masses

the setting of the story, the composition of the story and lastly explaining the ending, rounding up what I have said previously.

Our subgenre is what you would call realistic fiction because this story is made up, or maybe made up from something Jeffrey Archer has had happened to him some time in his life.

A realistic novel is about real life, the average day of an average person with an average life, which is exactly what is portrayed in this story,

we meet a girl who’s going to the university, her parents do not have that much money, so she saves a small bit of money by not taking the train, but instead hitchhiking on the highway.

the setting in this story plays a small part in this story, simply because they are on the highway, driving in a car where Kelley is asking John questions while driving

so that part is somewhat important, though it could still give the same feeling if they were sitting on a bench in front of a lake for example.

The mood on the other hand takes up a very big part of this story because it starts with Kelley talking about how she doesn’t want to drive with certain people that fall under her “suspicious category “Kelley also had golden rules about who she wouldn’t accept a ride from.

”(line number 19), because people that fell under that character would make her uncomfortable, or even scared.

After a couple of “suspicious” people slowed down to ask if she wanted a ride, she found the perfect specimen for her interview though.

His name was John, and he was an elderly man who met all of Kelley’s most stringent requirements. “Kelley didn’t hesitate, because he met all of her most stringent requirements: over sixty, wearing a wedding ring, well-spoken and polite.” (Line number 38-39).

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