Welcome everybody, my name is Emma Vermehren and I’m a student here at Boston University. On daily basis, I study the subject of American culture and history.

I am very grateful that the school has chosen me to stand here and give my speech about immigrants in the US.

The talk is about how immigration is in the United States and its history, as well as how it has changed their economy. Finally, I will talk about trends in the debate on immigration in the US, and my own opinion about the whole phenomenon.

The United States is one of the countries that has had a hard time accepting immigration. The latest figures show that immigration has fallen by 70%. Which is the lowest it has ever been down to.

It is not just immigration that is helping the economy and population growth. No immigrants also make workers born in the United States more successful.

The reason for this is because many immigrants start businesses with twice as many Americans. “Almost half the companies in the Fortune 500 were started by immigrants or their children, and without them, jobs are likely to be scarcer in the future” .

Back in the 1920s the United States engaged in mass immigration restrictions, where the laws where designed to block the entry of immigrants from Asia, Southern and Eastern Europe to preserve the ethnic character.

With the laws the immigration fell with more than 60% to below 300,000 people. This quota of immigrants was maintained for almost 40 years.

Professor Moser has a quote that says what is an important lesson in the 1920s immigration. “Don’t keep people out based on ethnicity,” she said.

They found out during these 30 years the quotas didn’t protect domestic scientist and inventors, instead it hurt them and decimated their work.