A Nation of Immigrants | Opgave

Hello, all my fellow students. It is a real pleasure to be speaking Infront of all of you today. As some of you may know, my name is Sebastian Kjær Hansen, and I study American culture and history at Boston University.

Today I will be speaking about the debate about Immigrants in the United States. I believe it is a really interesting subject, which really divide the nation in different groups, based on their opinion.

Before we start, I would just like to quickly get your opinion on this subject, both before and after my speech. So, would all the people who believes that immigrants shouldn’t get into the US raise their hands?

Thank you. This shows that a 60% of you believe that immigrants shouldn’t get into the US. Interesting. Let’s just forget that for a moment and jump right into it.

As mentioned, the problem doesn’t exist with the people who decides to come to the US and work. They are helping the US economic a lot, and it is shown that immigrants can be aviable to take some jobs, that the normal US citizens do not want to take.

The problems come with the people who doesn’t want to work or who ends up being a criminal. That is also the point that Donald Trump is using in one of his Political Ads.

In the ad we are being introduced to Luis Bracamontes, who is a illegal immigrant who killed two cops. He is a great example of a immigrant you don’t want to have in your country.

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