’12 years a slave’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Even Though there have been so many protests and speeches about racism, black people still get treated more like animals than human beings.

Throughout all the crimes people can commit you could easily see that white people are treated with respect and the laws that are set, where the police don't think twice about resorting to violence when a black person commits a crime.

Recently there has been a shooting where a young 17-year-old white boy shot and killed 2 people injuring a third and the police just drove by him.

To start off Solomon Northup is really quite intelligent, you can see this quite clearly when he hopes to be picked out by and old man who lives close to the city.

“From his conversation with Burch, I learned he was resident in the city. I very much desired that he would buy me, because I conceived it would not be difficult to make my escape from New Orleans…”

As you can see he is already thinking ahead and hoping that he gets picked so he maybe could have an escape plan ready.

Solomon was also very happy you could say one who never shied away from showing he happiness. “purchased together by a Natchez planter.

They left us grinning broadly, and in the most happy state of mind, caused by the fact of their not being separated…” Showing his happiness makes for a very outright person at because they were not separated Solomon was very happy for them.

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